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We believe in giving a service that provides a benefit. Not just for your pocket, but satisfying in a way that you feel looked after.

SERVICES FOR SELF-MANAGED OWNERS We know that it can be tough juggling family, home life, your career and your investment property. We have put together a range of services so that when you get busy, or just don’t want to deal with the hard issues, you can call us. If you have friends or family as tenants, we can step in as a 3rd party and help you with the issue, then let you take control again.

Let us help you with the 10% that you don’t enjoy, and you can get on with the 90%

TENANT LETTING – FREE TO OWNERS. For this service, we will advertise your property, manage enquires, interview prospective tenants at the property, carry out reference checks, background checks, sign up the Tenancy Agreement, handover the keys with a signed acceptance form, collect the bond and first weeks rent, advise new tenants of your bank account so that automatic payments start correctly, and process the bond to the National Bond Center. Save yourself a head-ache and let us do it all for you, at absolutely no cost to you. We charge the successful applicant a one week rent equivalent Letting Fee.

Put us into your Property Tool Kit!

BOARDING HOUSE CONVERSIONS Its easier that you think and can reap big rewards!  Great for a Landlord who likes to be ‘hands on’ and has their rental property close by.  You can call into the communal areas anytime without notice, and if tenants play up, you can evict them in 12 days, 48 hours or immediately depending on the circumstances. Give us a call for a FREE run through.  (Click here) to view the  Boarding Tenancy Agreement and its legislation from the Residential Tenancies Act 1986.

BUYING OR SELLING A RENTAL PROPERTY AND NEED A RENT APPRAISALWe will travel and inspect the property in regard, and provide a written Appraisal ready for your Mortgage Lender. Call us for a quote, Priced pending location.

TENANT CHECKS (5 Databases)Tenant checking. One search does it all !! Credit checks include information, in real time, from 5 sources, with results in minutes.

  • T.I.N.Z. (Tenancy Information NZ) defaults, 14 day notices, ratings, verbal/physical abuse, drug abuse warnings, and photos from our own members
  • Ministry of Justice, Tenancy Tribunal orders
  • The C.I.A. Debt Recovery Group Ltd,
  • LTNZ Drivers License national database
  • MOJ Fines database

Tenant Checks cost $30 each and are actioned when both the Authority Form and Payment have been received.

If potential tenants aren’t happy to pay for their Tenant Check, what do they have to hide?

LEAVING NZ FOR MORE THAN 21 CONSECUTIVE DAYS. The Residential Tenancies Act 1986 has been updated and its amendment Act 2010, Section 16A now requires you to appoint an agent for your tenancies while you are out of the country.Click here to go through to the NZ Legislation page. We can arrange affordable short term, time specific contracts to keep you legal from just $5 a day.

Let us look after your Tenants so you don’t have to worry while you are Overseas

METHAMPHETAMINE. ‘P’ is a huge problem in NZ. Talk to us about protecting your property. We are certified to take test samples if you suspect your home or property may be contaminated. Get a lab result back within a few weeks. Link up with the NZ experts, Meth Solutions, and they can take you through the treatment solutions.

Set up a preventative program for your property before its too late.We recommend that you have a Swab Test done between tenants to prove the property is Meth Free. and absolutely before you buy a property. Tests cost $99+gst. The Methminder monitoring system is a great deterrent to Meth Users.

Get higher rents and promote your property as Meth Free

COMPREHENSIVE TENANCY AGREEMENTS including special clauses to safe guard you. Have control over who your tenants chooses to live at the property. Be reimbursed for debt collection expenses. Dogs, car wrecks and too many people using the facilities. Trespass people not listed on your Tenancy Agreement if they cause an issue. By missing specific clauses, you could be inviting trouble.

CLEANING SERVICE Give your property a good ‘Spring Clean’ between tenants. Its a great opportunity to raise the ‘clean’ standard, and prospective tenants will have a better impression of their potential new home. Clean houses rent quicker. It may highlight some areas of maintenance, and keep you ahead of the game. Call us to arrange a site visit and quote.

TENANCY TRIBUNIAL. We know that it can be tough dealing with tenants when things go wrong. We can help. Give us a call to discuss your situation.

TRADE LIASION OR HANDY MAN. We can help you with your practical needs, and get the appropriate trades people on to the job. Call us to arrange a free appraisal. Maybe you are out of the area? We can arrange a quote and email a picture of the before and after? Let us be your eyes and ears.

SUSTAINABILITY OPTIONS. Want to get the most out of your property? Whether it’s an investment property or your own home. We can arrange a FREE assessment and report. The check reflects the aspects that a sustainable home is a healthy home, warm, comfortable, cost effective to run, safe to be in and has a small impact on the environment and is around for the long term. This is the kind of home people want to live in. Tenants and Owners alike. (Currently available in the wider Tauranga area)

INSURANCE SAFEGUARDS Talk to an Insurance Broker about which policy is best for you. Brokers cover a range of products and brands. Enquire about Malicious Damage and cover for Loss of Rent. Ask for a review every few years to make sure you are getting the best deal.

Contact us for a Free Appraisal. We are only too happy to come and discuss your needs, at a time and place that is convenient for you.tenants


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