Ever considered running a Boarding House?

There are some notable benefits to using this type of tenancy compared to a standard Tenancy Agreement. (Click here) to see a blank Boarding Agreement with its legal data.

It is possible to double your rental income easily, you can walk into the communial areas anytime, and if tenants play up you can evict them in in 12 days, 48 hours or immediately depending on circumstances.

Suitable for houses larger that 120 sqm and at least 3 or more bedrooms,  and preferably 2 bathrooms, but it really depends a bit on your general house layout. It works well if you live close to your Boarding house, and then it is easy to call in anytime and check all is okay and follow up on any issues.  It great for Landlords that like to be ‘hands on’.

Give us a call and we can walk you through the details. 0800-WBPM-00 (9276-00)